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My earliest taste for film began during high school where as luck would have it, I was asked to create a slideshow for my friend's birthday party. Even though I had little knowledge of what I was doing, it was here where I began to realize how much of an impact that a couple images and music strung together could have on an audience and from that point on I was hooked.

After high school I enrolled to De Anza College in Cupertino, California where like a mad man I took as many film courses as I could to learn more about the fundamentals of filmmaking and it's history to get a better understanding of why this art form of visual storytelling made me so enthralled at the idea of having a camera in my hands.


Shortly after I decided to further my education by moving to Los Angeles and enrolling to California State University Los Angeles in 2009. While keeping up with my school work and maintaining a strict college diet (Cup of Noodles and Spam) my professors strongly encouraged me to seek work outside the classroom in order to get an early grasp of what life on set was really like. It was because of their encouragement, I was lucky enough to work on set with artists like Travie McCoy, Kris Allen and The Black Keys very early in my career. At the tail end of my senior year (don't worry I still finished with my BA), I was hired by Justneeds2 a grip and lighting rental house that gave me full access to its resources, further developing my understanding on things like; lighting, rigging, work efficiency, etc. Ultimately my time with Justneeds2 as a wake up call that made me realize life on set is just as crazy as it is rewarding. During my employment, I worked on a handful of indie films like the urban comedy "White T" and suspense thriller "Dose of Reality".


In 2012 I was hired as a Producer by Eye Creative Media Group, a subsidiary of CBS Television Distribution. I was part of a lightweight, but very capable production team that regularly traveled on location to shoot behind-the-scenes video content for upcoming television shows, films and other celebrity endeavors. While the majority of my work catered to producing online segments for pre-existing CBS staples such as Entertainment Tonight, The Insider and Rachael Ray, I also got to produce original content with new clients like, Visit California, Blackberry and Microsoft. 


Later that year eCMG assigned me the to help promote the return of The Arsenio Hall Show. As Arsenio’s digital field producer, I traveled with him on assignment for all his promotional shoots, press releases, PR tours and interviews across the US before the show finally debut in the fall of 2013. Once the show went on air, I became part of the digital team and went on to produce it’s behind the scenes web content. Later into the season my role on the show evolved where I was also tasked as the official show photographer and had the honor of photographing all of Arsenio’s guests such as Jackie Chan, Nas, Magic Johnson, Ziggy Marley and Prince.

These days Jay is currently re-aiming his focus towards his own personal projects, expanding his network and broadening his passion for writing, directing and photography. Jay also plans on replaying Final Fantasy VII, VIII and IX...which is in no way related to anything said up above, but hey it's true.


While nuturing his passion for filmmaking at Cal State LA, Jay also kept himself just as busy outside of school as well, working on as many freelance jobs he could until eventually, he landed his first consistant film job as a Electrican, driving film lighting trucks up and down LA for a lighting rental company. Jay's Experience with lighting and cinematography, eventaully caught the attention of Eye Creative Media Group a CBS based production company that focused primarliy on digital content in 2014.


It was here where Jay sharpened his craft working with a hungry team of his peers. After producing orginal content for shows like The Arsenio Hall Show, Entertainment Tonight and Rachael Ray.

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